Hana Oolong Teabags (Imported from Taiwan)

HK$ 68.00

HK$ 48.00

  • Hana oolong tea comes from Nantou. Leaves are left to dry in the sun for several hours. Then they are moved into special boilers, where they slowly ferment before roasting. It is lightly-oxidized tea.
  • The tea has a sweet floral fragrance and rich in taste with a strong aftertaste which brings spring vividly in the mouth. Make you feel young, lightness and peaceful in mind.
  • Origin : Natou county
  • Sweet, floral Taste | Strong wildflower aroma | Fermentation 20-25% & Light Roasted
  • Content : Teabags
  • Dimensions : thickness 2cm x width 12cm x heigth 21cm
  • Weight : 2.8g x 15
  • Delivered within 2 to 4 working days
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  • *Dimensions and weight are for reference only, non-exchangable and non-refundable for this product