Sour Citrus Teabags (Imported from Taiwan)

HK$ 118.00

HK$ 78.00

  • Tsuan-Kan tea (Sour Citrus tea) is a unique beverage for Hakka culture. It combines Hutou Gan Citrus with organic black tea and Chinese herbs which was produced by special manufacture procedures.
  • Tsuan-Kan teas are rich in citrus aroma and with astringent and slightly bitter tastes. The tea is considered to reduce coughing with its aging time.
  • Origin : Miaoli, Taiwan
  • Sour, sweet aftertastes | Tea flavor + citrus aroma | Sour orange, organic black tea, chinese herbs
  • Content : Teabags
  • Dimensions : thickness 2cm x width 12cm x heigth 21cm
  • Weight : 4.5g x 12
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